WELCOME MINI-HEARTS, It's Almost Show Time

It's almost showtime and we wanted to make sure everyone had the show day information. You may still participate even if you didn't make practice.  Just be sure to practice using the videos provided below

What to wear: 

Sweetheart Mini shirt. (we have a few extra you can borrow if you can't find yours) 

black legging/pants

black, white, red, grey, or sparkle sneakers

Hair in a ponytail out of face

and red lipstick

Show Day Timeline:

5:30 pm Arrive @ Woodrow

5:30-6:00 pm Mini-Heart Practice

6:00-6:30 pm Mini-Heart show prep (bathroom, check costumes, get in groups)

7:00 pm SHOWTIME

Any question please email Christmartinez@dallasisd.org

Anna's Alligators Practice Video

Akina Wylie   Allyson Rodriguez    Edith Gomez   Holly Dassonville   Leora Phillips   Lesli Dassonville    Luke Chapman   Mary Silliman   Tiffany Mahan   Cailee Horinek   Eva Cobery   Sarah Kuhn    

Anamaria's Unicorns Practice Video

     Annabelle Nickles   Annabeth Moore   Annie Silliman   Elizabeth Steindorf   Genevieve Barr Barr   Gwendolyn Bowden   Helen Gardner    Breanna Machado   Emma Roane   Mikaela Villalobos     

Mallory's Marshmallows Practice Video

Alana Hurst   Ann Frances Randle   Ava Shepherd   Eleanor Thurmond   Emma Leija   Eva Aguirre   Kate Haynsworth   Lillian  Wheeler   Madeline Break   Maggie Block   Mia Templeton   Ragan  Wilkes    Vivian McNama

Bailey's Mermaids Practice Video

Alyssa Huerta-Sanchez   Drew Smedley   Elle Rigby   Ellery Levy   Emerson Shippey   Jaclynn Machado   Kate Lewis   Katherine Steindorf   Lauren Lewis   Madison  Garcia   Maeve Stern   Mazzy Carpenter    Mia Bella  Abreu    Miyah McKinney    Miyah McKinney   Penelope Gorman   Piper Powell   Sophia  Diaz   Tate Morris   Tessa  McAllister    

Dancer Bouquets

Congratulate your Mini-Heart the dancer way. 

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Anna's Alligators

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Annamaria's Unicorns

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Mallory"s Marshmallows

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Bailey's Mermaids

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